Korean High-tech Collagen Inducer

What is Juvelook?

Juvelook is the name of a Korean brand that specializes in collagen boosting and is typically only available in Korea.

JuveLook is an injectable skinbooster that combines Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Poly D-Lactic Acid (PDLA) to provide a dual effect of intense hydration and collagen synthesis.


But why do we need collagen?

As we age, our collagen production decreases, leading to issues like hollowness and pigmentation. Essentially, the decline in collagen production is what causes us to age. One area where this is particularly noticeable is under the eyes, with hollowness, dark circles, and wrinkles.

In the Korean beauty industry, collagen is highly valued, and Koreans use it in various forms such as supplements, injections, and skincare. This is where Juvelook comes in. At VS Line Clinic, we incorporate Juvelook into treatments like 'Skin Boosters' and 'Volume Inducers' for concerns like enlarged pores and acne scars and overall for healthy skin.

This treatment involves an injection that stimulates the production of the proteins our skin lacks, whereas fillers are water-binding substances that semi-dissolve and have nothing to do with collagen production.


There are 2 ways to use Juvelook :

1️⃣ Juvelook Volume : For Under eye bags, Dark Circles, & Acne scars.

2️⃣ Juvelook Skinbooster : Clear skin tone, anti-aging effects, and wrinkles.

For Collagen volume, it requires 3-4 sessions monthly to get desirable result. (A single session can still make a progress but the volume won't be very close to your expectation)

Fillers can make an instant result, however, it takes nearly a month for your skin to stick to filler after it got injected (You might feel a little uncomfortable feeling meanwhile)

So we don't usually recommend fillers.


Here are the results:

The amount of Juvelook needed depends on each person and on how much amount of cc's they will be getting.  





Juvelook Volume
 Juvelook SkinBooster
2CC = 380,000 KRW 3CC = 605,000 KRW
4CC = 380,000 KRW

*The amount of Juvelook needed depends on each person and on how much amount of cc's they will be getting.



Our Frequently Asked Questions
Is there any downtime? While there may be some bruises or injection marks that usually last for 2-3 days or longer, the procedure is non-invasive and doesn't require much downtime. The length of downtime varies depending on the individual's skin type or condition.
Is it effective even with just 1 session? Side effects may include fine needle marks and small bruises. We will do our best to prevent them. It is recommended to avoid intense exercise, saunas, drinking, and smoking for a period of three days. Additionally, as there may be small puncture wounds from needles after the procedure, please be cautious of potential infections for 1-2 days. Rest assured that this is a safe procedure with no major side effects for this Collagen Inducer treatment.
Can wrinkles under the eyes be removed? Yes, wrinkles under the eyes can be reduced. However, if the wrinkles are too close to the eyes, there is a risk of losing your natural wrinkles. We will explain the procedure in detail to ensure that the desired results are achieved. If you have excessive fat around the eyes, we recommend a fat redistribution surgery. Our head doctors will carefully examine the area and degree of fat before the procedure and determine if the surgery is necessary. It is best to have a consultation in person for an accurate assessment.
Is there a lot of swelling? Swelling is not an undesirable appearance, but the ideal appearance that the patient wants. While there may be some initial swelling, it typically subsides shortly after. It takes about a month for the skin to fully recover, and typically three procedures are necessary to achieve the desired level of skin recovery.
How many sessions are required? Typically, about three treatments are effective, but an additional one to two treatments may be necessary if there is a significant amount of fat. The results of the treatment should last for a significant amount of time, unless the amount of fat under the eyes increases and becomes thicker.
How often should it be done? We suggest undergoing 2-3 collagen injections, with one session per month. It's possible to experience a 60% decrease in volume from what you initially see right after the procedure. However, you should start to feel the volume increase after about a month as it will take some time for your own collagen to start reproducing on its own. We recommend waiting until this point before scheduling your next session, in order to observe how much the volume has increased.
Does it hurt? (pain related) We use an anesthetic ointment to ensure your comfort during the procedure. For fat repositioning laser, we use local anesthesia to minimize discomfort. We carefully control the energy used during the procedure to minimize pain.
Is it possible to exercise and sweat on the same day of the procedure? Avoid exercising and sweating, like going to Saunas or hot-temperature places. Sweating during the treatment can increase the risk of infection. We recommend avoiding exercise or going to the sauna for at least 3-5 days after the treatment.
Is it natural? The amount of fat in each patient can affect the extent of skin stretching, resulting in wrinkles and dark circles. At our clinic, we offer collagen injections to address hollow areas under the eyes that contribute to wrinkles and dark circles. If the skin is excessively stretched, we can use fillers or collagen injections to restore its natural appearance.
Is it a filler? Collagen injections induce the body to produce collagen through the use of an inducer, rather than injecting collagen itself. Collagen injections lose volume within a week after the procedure, and it takes time for the body to produce collagen, so it takes time to see the results. Collagen injections are divided into three types based on the ingredients of the collagen inducer: PLLA - Sculptra, PLA - Juvederm, Esthelis, Etleva, PDO - Ultra Collagen Volume.
Is the effect permanent? Collagen injections or fat redistribution procedures are not permanent. The duration of the effect varies depending on the patient's skincare and nutrition. Typically, after about three sessions, you can maintain the desired amount of volume and see results lasting for 1-2 years. Lower eyelid surgery or under-eye fat removal surgery typically lasts 3-5 years and is much safer and gentler than other procedures. After about 3 procedures, you can maintain the desired amount of volume and the duration of the effect varies depending on the patient's skincare and nutrition, but you can typically see results lasting 1-2 years.

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