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On the opposite side of artificial beauty trends, there is VS Line Clinic.

VS Line Clinic focuses on finding personalized solutions that best suit you, rather than chasing momentary trends.

With its unique philosophy, VS Line Clinic aims to provide you with the most natural beauty you desire.


VS Line Clinic confronts factory-like procedures and incorrect practices.

Instead of rushing to accommodate more customers, VS Line Clinic focuses on making each customer more beautiful.

All procedures at VS Line Clinic are conducted in individual rooms, with personalized designs, to achieve the best results.


Unreliable procedures, beyond that VS Line Clinic awaits you.

From beautiful skin to body shape, what VS Line Clinic is dealing with is a person's life or dream.

VS Line Clinic carefully selects only the most modern and top-notch medical equipment with experienced medical professionals who have many years of experience.

Since 2018, VS Line Clinic has helped its patients achieve their aesthetic goals.
Our team, led by Dr. Choi Woong, includes cosmetic doctors, nurses and skin therapists.

Beautiful line - let it lead to you

Everyone has a dream of beauty
What makes that dream a reality?

The process of discovering and revealing your beauty
It requires endless sincerity and effort.

The moment you finally reach the beauty you wanted
Our journey is full of sincerity and effort.

It will lead to a beautiful line
At VS Line Clinic.

Why is VS Line Special?

Authentic and Accurate Use

We only use genuine and accurately measured products that have been proven safe and effective, approved by KFDA and FDA.

Honest Treatment and Procedure

VS Line does not recommend unnecessary procedures through honest treatment and procedures.

Hygiene and Safety Procedures

We minimize discomfort and side effects through thorough hygiene management and proper procedures.

Effectiveness of the Price

At our company, we prioritize keeping our prices fair for non-locals. Furthermore, we consistently offer a wide range of events and discounts to enhance the experience and make sure it remains affordable.

we give what you want


point 01

The medical staff at VS Line Clinic do not miss even the smallest details.

point 02

State-of-the-art medical equipment for unprecedented solutions

point 03

VS Line Clinic’s counselors look for each person’s potential

VS Line Clinic
◈ Genuine & Accurate! We only use products approved by KFDA and FDA.

We use various domestic and international genuine products that have been proven safe and effective to increase satisfaction and safety.

◈ We do not recommend unnecessary procedures.

Before the procedure, we accurately assess the customer's condition and strive for a natural and beautiful result that suits patient's face, avoiding excessive and unnatural procedures.

◈ We value not only the results but also the process.

With years of expertise in procedures, we prioritize customer satisfaction after the procedure and take thorough disinfection and hygiene management to ensure safety and comfort.

◈ We provide high-quality services at a reasonable price without any fuss.

At VS Line, we strive to provide procedures at a more reasonable price.


With ethical & effective treatments, we will inform our patients openly of the potential benefits & risks of cosmetic procedures through respect, knowledge, consistency and profession.


Our mission will always be to provide exceptional cosmetic experiences & present great service with outcomes for beauty & health.


We will elevate the current cosmetic standards & become the next trending definition for worldwide beauty.


3F, 51,Apgujeong-ro 30-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

MON-FRI : 10:00am ~ 8:00pm
Saturday : 10:00am ~ 5:00pm
Sundays : CLOSED