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The Beginning of Anti-Aging

Achieve healthy skin from the inside out with Skin Regeneration Ingredients (PN)!

Skin Regeneration Solution

Unlock the secret of amazing results with Polynucleotide growth factor complex that will make your skin feel reborn! This fascinating procedure goes beyond simple moisturizing masks, fundamentally regenerating the epidermis and dermis layers of thin and sagging skin, giving you healthy and elastic skin. Experience moist and resilient skin with Rejuvene Healer right now!

  1. Increased skin density and thickness

  2. Radiant skin

  3. Reduced pores

  4. Skin barrier protection

  5. Wrinkle improvement

Rejuran Procedure Steps

Learn about the Rejuvene procedure steps in a simple way!

1. Personalized consultation

2. Cleansing

3. Anesthetic cream

4. Procedure

5. Collagen sheet mask + LED regeneration

6. Finishing touches


Why VS Line is Special?

Authentic and Measured Usage

We only use authentic and measured KFDA and FDA approved products with proven safety and effectiveness.

Honest Treatment and Procedure

VS Line does not recommend unnecessary procedures and provides honest treatment and procedures.

Hygienic and Safe Procedure

We minimize discomfort and side effects through thorough hygiene management and proper procedures.

Effectiveness for the Price

We offer satisfaction beyond expectations with reasonable prices through various events.

Advantages of Rejuran

01 Increased density and thickness of the skin dermis

02 Regeneration of the skin barrier and improvement of damaged skin

03 Effective in wrinkle improvement and pore reduction

Rejuran Related Information

Effects and Recommended Frequency

We recommend at least 3 sessions with a 2-4 week interval between each session.

The recommended frequency and interval may vary depending on the individual's skin condition.

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Recommended Candidates

01 Those who seek overall skin anti-aging

02 Individuals who are concerned about skin damage due to makeup or chemical irritation

03 Those with thin and weak skin who want to regain healthiness

04 Those who want to improve pores, fine wrinkles, and redness

05 Those who are concerned about rough and dry skin

Glass Skin

Glass Skin Injection is a booster treatment from the VS line that uses a growth factor complex called polynucleotide (PN), which is a biocompatible substance with the same composition as Rejuran Healer.

This treatment not only supplies moisture to the epidermis, but also fundamentally regenerates the thin and sagging layers of the epidermis and dermis, making the skin healthy and resilient.



2cc (partial) 330,000 KRW
4cc (full face) 550,000 KRW


Glass Skin

3cc (partial) 440,000 KRW
6cc (full face) 770,000 KRW


Q. How many sessions of the procedure should I receive?

Rejuran activates the self-regeneration ability of the skin to restore it to a normal state, so we recommend at least 3 sessions with a 2-3 week interval.

You can see therapeutic effects even with one session, but usually, it is more effective with repeated treatments of 3 sessions or more. As each customer's situation may vary, please confirm through a personalized consultation.

Q. How much volume is typically needed for a full-face Rejuvene procedure?

For a full-face procedure, a minimum of about 2-4CC is required.

Q. What is the difference between Rejuran and Glass Skin?

Glass skin is a package deal including Rejuran and other healthy acids that make the face more brighter and healthier!

Compared to Rejuran skinbooster, we recommend the Glass skin package for instant effects!

Q. What is the difference between Rejuran and Juvelook?

You can think of it as:

Rejuran skinbooster: for making the skin barrier healthier with adding moisture and preventing future acne, and glow to the skin!
Juvelook skin booster: for deep acne scars and also helps with skin barrier as well!

Juvelook Collagen Skin

A collagen booster that naturally restores the beauty of human skin! With advanced polymer PLA technology and the fantastic combination of hyaluronic acid in the skin, it stimulates continuous collagen production, visibly enhancing volume, while also providing skin elasticity and fine wrinkle care, as well as improving skin texture. Experience the transformation into naturally perfect skin!

  • Skin volume
  • Scar improvement
  • Skin regeneration
  • Pore contraction

Effects of Juvelook

Collagen skin booster

Boost volume for under eye sagging and dark circles

Acne Scars

Fill up volume with collagen for deepened acne scars

There's a reason why


Signiture Treatment

Juvelook Benefits

01   Natural volume effect

02   It improves wrinkles and increases skin elasticity at the same time!


04   A long period of maintenance

Procedure Advantages

01 FDA-approved, polymer PLA + hyaluronic acid
02 Biodegradable, bioabsorbable, leaving no residue in the body after a certain period
03 Natural effects become more pronounced over time due to the stimulation of self-collagen regeneration
04 Very fine particles, reducing pain during the procedure
05 Improvement of fine wrinkles, skin texture, acne scars, and pore size!

Juvelook Information

Effects and Recommended Frequency

We recommend undergoing the procedure at least 3 times with a 2-4 week interval.

The recommended frequency and interval may vary depending on an individual's skin condition.

VS Line Clinic Juvelook

◈ Genuine product and quantity are basic! We only use products approved by KFDA and FDA.
We increase satisfaction by performing treatments using a variety of domestic and foreign products proven to be safe and effective, and in the correct amount.

◈ Unnecessary procedures are not recommended.
Prior to the procedure, we accurately understand the patient's condition and aim to provide a beautiful treatment that perfectly matches the face, rather than an excessive or unnatural treatment.

◈ We value not only the results but also the process.
With many years of surgical know-how, customer satisfaction after the treatment is high, and we take care to ensure safety and discomfort through thorough disinfection and hygiene management.

◈ We provide high quality services at reasonable prices.
At VS Line, we strive to provide treatment at a more reasonable price.

Recommended Candidates:

01 Those concerned about fine wrinkles
02 Those who want to improve enlarged pores or acne scars
03 Those who want to improve skin texture and overall elasticity
04 Those who desire healthy skin through collagen production


Juvelook Collagen Skinbooster

3cc 605,000 KRW


Q.   When will the treatment be effective?

Effect immediately after the procedure, and after 4 weeks, you can feel the greatest effect. Although the procedure is effective once, we recommend at least three repetitions approximately four weeks apart for the best effect.

Q.   How long will the procedure take?

The procedure takes around 1 hour for the numbing cream and waiting. We recommend you to visit the hospital after expecting an hour for 1:1 design and treatment.

Q.   Does it affect my daily life after the procedure?

Juvelook uses thinner needles than Filler injections because the particles are very small, and there is less pain, bruises, and redness, so it has little significant disruption to daily life.

Q. Does the procedure hinder daily activities?

Juvelook uses very fine particles and thinner needles compared to regular fillers, resulting in minimal pain, bruising, and injection marks. Therefore, it does not significantly affect daily activities.

Q. Is it a safe ingredient?

Certified by the domestic Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, the product is composed of biodegradable and bioabsorbable ingredients, which means that over time, there will be no residue left in the body.

Why is VS Line Special?

Authentic and Accurate Use

We only use genuine and accurately measured products that have been proven safe and effective, approved by KFDA and FDA.

Honest Treatment and Procedure

VS Line does not recommend unnecessary procedures through honest treatment and procedures.

Hygiene and Safety Procedures

We minimize discomfort and side effects through thorough hygiene management and proper procedures.

Effectiveness of the Price

At our company, we prioritize keeping our prices fair for non-locals. Furthermore, we consistently offer a wide range of events and discounts to enhance the experience and make sure it remains affordable.

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Ready, Set, Glow.

Your desire of beauty can become a reality!
We will create your precious self-confidence with customized designs and detailed treatments!

VS Line Clinic
◈ Genuine & Accurate! We only use products approved by KFDA and FDA.

We use various domestic and international genuine products that have been proven safe and effective to increase satisfaction and safety.

◈ We do not recommend unnecessary procedures.

Before the procedure, we accurately assess the customer's condition and strive for a natural and beautiful result that suits my face, avoiding excessive and unnatural procedures.

◈ We value not only the results but also the process.

With years of expertise in procedures, we prioritize customer satisfaction after the procedure and take thorough disinfection and hygiene management to ensure safety and comfort.

◈ We provide high-quality services at a reasonable price without any fuss.

At VS Line, we strive to provide procedures at a more reasonable price.